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Nordic von Willebrand Scholarship

Support for research on VWD & related disorders

CSL Behring Nordic von Willebrand Scholarship

Do you work in the Nordic countries? Are you involved in basic or clinical research or other forms of development in the care of patients with von Willebrand Disease? We want to hear about your discoveries or ideas!

We will soon be announcing the winner of the 2020 award and in November the cycle for the CSL Behring Nordic von Willebrand Scholarship 2022 will start. The scholarship awards 240 000 SEK to 1-3 applicants from the Nordic region.

Please see the Scholarship Statutes and application form below.

Nordic VW Scholarship Statutes

Nordic VW Scholarship Application Form

The dates of the new cycle for the 2022 Award including the deadline for applications will be announced here in November


About CSL Behring Nordic von Willebrand Scholarship

The Nordic von Willebrand scholarship was established in 2004 in order to support Nordic research and development within the field of von Willebrand Disease and related primary hemostatic disorders. The scholarship is awarded every two years.

The winners in 2018 were:

Winners VW Scholarship 2018Dr Nanna Brøns, Copenhagen University hospital, Denmark
"Impaired collagen as a novel cause of rare inherited bleeding disorders"
Dr Iva Pruner, Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden
"In vitro assessment of secondary hemostasis in patients with von Willebrand disease- fibrin clot architecture and protein composition as novel physiological biomarkers"

Previous Scholarship Winners


Prof. Christer Halldén, Biomedicine, Kristianstad University, Sweden
"Identification of disease-causing genes and mutations in von Willebrand disease type 1" 


Dr. Timea Szántó, Helsinki University Hospital, Finland
"Towards a better understanding of von Willebrand disease - the impact of platelet function and thrombin generation on clinical phenotypes" 


Dr. Anna Ågren, Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden
"Global Hemostatic Methods for detection of von Willebrand's Disease" 


Dr. Mattias Karlman, Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden
"New methods for measurement of the functionality of von Willebrand factor in patients with increased bleeding tendency"
Petra Elfvinge, Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden
"Health-related quality of life in women with heavy menstrual bleeding"


Prof.Jørgen Ingerslev, University Hospital Skejby, Denmark
”Development of luminographic method for detection and qualitative evaluation of von Willebrand factor in blood plasma”
Elsa Lanke, Malmö University Hospital, Sweden
"Analysis of the N1421K mutation in the A1 domain of the von Willebrand factor gene"


Prof. Stefan Lethagen, Malmö University Hospital, Sweden
"Genetic characterization of von Willebrand disease type 1: Finding additional loci and tracing the evolutionary history of the von Willebrand factor gene region"