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Nordic von Willebrand Scholarship

Support for research on VWD & related disorders

CSL Behring Nordic von Willebrand Scholarship

Do you work in the Nordic countries? Are you involved in basic or clinical research or other forms of development in the care of patients with von Willebrand Disease? We want to hear about your discoveries or ideas!

The cycle for the CSL Behring Nordic von Willebrand Scholarship 2022 starts in November and the deadline for submission of applications is 1st November 2022. The scholarship awards 240 000 SEK to 1-3 applicants from the Nordic region.

Please see the Scholarship Statutes and application form below.

Nordic VW Scholarship Statutes

Nordic VW Scholarship Application Form 


About CSL Behring Nordic von Willebrand Scholarship

The Nordic von Willebrand scholarship was established in 2004 in order to support Nordic research and development within the field of von Willebrand Disease and related primary hemostatic disorders. The scholarship is awarded every two years.

The winner in 2020:

Dr. Vuokko Nummi, Helsinki Universtiy Hospital

"Characterization of microcirculation and associations to angiodysplasia in von Willebrand disease"

Listen to Dr. Vuokko Nummi's presentation about von Willebrand Disease and her planned research.

Previous Scholarship Winners