Company History

CSL Behring and our parent company, CSL Limited, continue to build on a long legacy of innovation in patient care. CSL Behring traces our beginnings to the 1904 founding of Behringwerke, a company established by the first winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine, Emil von Behring. In 1916 our parent company, CSL Limited, was founded to supply vaccines to the people of Australia. During the 20th century, leading companies came together to ultimately form CSL Behring. We have specialized in plasma therapies for more than 60 years to improve the quality of life of patients with bleeding disorders, immune deficiencies and inherited emphysema.

  Emil von Behring
Our life-saving therapies are used for the prevention of blood-related disease in newborns, in cardiac surgery, organ transplantation and in the treatment of shock and burns. CSL Behring, providing biotherapies for life for more than a century.

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1901Emil von Behring wins first Nobel Prize in Medicine
German doctor Emil von Behring wins the first Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for his work on serum therapies. Von Behring’s pioneering work results in the modern methods of immunization that have largely eradicated diphtheria worldwide.
1904Emil von Behring creates Behringwerke
Emil von Behring creates Behringwerke to produce sera and vaccines to combat infectious diseases.
1913Anti-infectious agents
Behringwerke expands to produce a gas gangrene antiserum and a cholera vaccine.
1940WWII: Largest supplier of albumin for U.S. military
Armour becomes the largest supplier of human albumin for the U.S. military during World War II.
1946Europe’s first human plasma fractionation
Behringwerke is the first company in Europe to begin fractionating plasma proteins from human plasma on an industrial scale.
1949 ZLB established
The Zentrallaboratorium Blutspendedienst (ZLB) is established in Bern as a department of the Swiss Red Cross and holds its first blood donor sessions in Switzerland.
1951 ZLB mandate to supply blood products
ZLB receives a mandate from the Swiss government to supply blood products through the Swiss Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service.
1954First pasteurized plasma protein solution
ZLB produces the first pasteurized plasma protein solution.
1955Behringwerke researchers discover Alpha-1
Alpha1-antitrypsin, a proteinase inhibitor, is discovered, purified and characterized for the first time by researchers of Behringwerke.
1962 New fractionation process published
Kistler and Nitschmann establish a plasma fractionation method that provides significantly better yields of the valuable proteins isolated from human plasma.
1970Japan’s first IVIg
Launch of Gamma-Venin®, the first IVIg product in Japan.
1979 Launch of first purified IVIg
ZLB and Sandoz AG, Switzerland, launch Sandoglobulin®, the world’s first purified immunoglobulin product for intravenous infusion.
1981World’s first pasteurized factor VIII therapy
Haemate® human plasma coagulation factor VIII/von Willebrand factor complex is first marketed in Europe for the treatment of patients with hemophilia A. It is the first pasteurized factor VIII product in the world.
1984First IVIg approved in U.S.
ZLB's polyvalent immunoglobulin is the first IVIg product to be approved in the United States.
1986Humate-P® approved in U.S.
FDA approves Humate-P® human coagulation factor VIII/von Willebrand factor complex for the prevention and control of hemorrhagic episodes in patients with hemophilia A.
1988Japan’s first fibrin sealant
Launch of Beriplast® P, the first fibrin sealant in Japan.
1990 Monoclate®-P launched
Monoclate®-P, the second generation form of Monoclate Factor VIII using monoclonal antibody technology, adds pasteurization as an additional viral removal step.
1993Helixate® approved in U.S.
The FDA approves Helixate® recombinant coagulation factor VIII for the treatment of hemophilia A.
1996 World’s first anti-D immunoglobulin launched
Rhophylac®, the world’s first anti-D immunoglobulin for the prevention of hemolytic disease of the newborn due to Rh factor incompatibility, is launched.
1998€50 million plant modernization
A major, 50 million euro capital project is completed to modernize production facilities in Marburg, Germany.
1999Marburg: State-of-the-art Ig facility
A state-of-the-art production building for immunoglobulins is built in Marburg, Germany.
2000New formulation of recombinant Factor VIII
Helixate® FS/ Helixate® NexGen recombinant coagulation factor VIII formulated with sucrose for the treatment of hemophilia A. Approved by FDA for use in U.S. and by EMEA for use in 15 countries.
2000 ZLB Bioplasma established
CSL acquires ZLB Blood Transfusion Service from the Swiss Red Cross to establish ZLB Bioplasma, headquartered in Bern.
2000Gettin’ in the Game
The company launches Gettin’ in the Game, local workshops that promote the value of exercise among children with bleeding disorders.
2001 ZLB Plasma Services established
CSL acquires 47 plasma collection centers and laboratory facilities operated by Nabi Plasma Collection Centers (U.S.) and creates ZLB Plasma Services.
2001World’s largest plasma collection business
Aventis Behring acquires 42 plasma centers from Serologicals, forming the world’s largest plasma collection business.
2001Foundation established
The company establishes a foundation for research and advancement of patient health—the only non-profit foundation dedicated exclusively to charitable, scientific and educational endeavors that benefit the bleeding disorders community.
2002Junior National Championships
The company launches Junior National Championships in partnership with the National Hemophilia Foundation to promote the value of exercise for children with bleeding disorders.
2003Carimune® NF launched in U.S.
The company begins marketing Carimune® NF the first nanofiltered human normal immunoglobulin for intravenous (IV) administration in the United States.
2003Zemaira® approved in U.S.
FDA approves Zemaira® human alpha1-proteinase inhibitor for individuals with alpha1-proteinase inhibitor deficiency and clinical evidence of emphysema.
2003Assurance Program launched
The Assurance Program is launched to ensure that people who rely on our recombinant and plasma-derived therapies can continue to receive these vital treatments even if they experience a lapse in third-party, private health insurance.
2004 ZLB Behring established
CSL completes the acquisition of Aventis Behring, combining it with ZLB Bioplasma to create ZLB Behring.
2004EMEA approves Mononine®
The EMEA approves Mononine® human coagulation factor IX concentrate for the treatment of hemophilia B patients undergoing surgery, exposed to trauma, or experiencing severe, spontaneous hemorrhage. The company becomes the first to market a factor IX product approved for this method of treating these indications.
2004Rhophylac® approved in U.S.
ZLB’s Rhophylac® human anti-D immunoglobulin is approved by the FDA.
2005Mix2Vial™ introduced
ZLB Behring introduces the Mix2Vial™ alternate transfer device, a new way to reconstitute products.
2006Groundbreaking: state-of-the-art Ig plant
Construction begins on a new immunoglobulin manufacturing plant at ZLB Behring’s Bern, Switzerland, facility.
2006Vivaglobin® approved in U.K.
Vivaglobin® licensed for use in the U.K. in adults and children who require antibody replacement due to primary immunodeficiency.
2006State-of-the-art plant licensed by FDA
Highly automated facility in Kankakee, Illinois to allow for increased production of Zemaira®.
2006Vivaglobin® first SCIg in U.S.
U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) grants marketing approval for Vivaglobin® human normal immunoglobulin for subcutaneous administration. Vivaglobin is the first FDA-approved subcutaneous immunoglobulin (SCIg) treatment.
2006Humate-P® 50% volume reduction
Humate-P® human coagulation factor VIII/von Willebrand factor complex is now available featuring a smaller diluent—50 percent less in all assay sizes, shortening infusion time and requiring less storage space.
2006 ZLB Behring acquires CytoGam®
CytoGam® is an IVIg enriched with antibodies against cytomegalovirus, the most common cause of life-threatening infection occurring in solid organ transplants.
2006 Two Ig formulations available in Canada
With the approvals of Sandoglobulin® NF Liquid IVIg and Vivaglobin® subcutaneous Ig, ZLB Behring becomes the only company to offer two formulations of immunoglobulin for people with primary immune deficiency in Canada.
2007 ZLB Behring adopts the name CSL Behring
As part of our global brand alignment, we adopt the name CSL Behring. Our name may change, but who we are remains the same.

CSL Behring continues to build on this legacy of innovation and patient care.