Code of Responsible Business Practice

The Code of Responsible Business Practice (the Code) sets out the principles for ethical and responsible business conduct that underpin our Values:

  • A commitment to conducting its business with the utmost integrity by complying with laws and regulations in all countries in which the Company operates, and by fulfilling all of its responsibilities to shareholders and the financial community;
  • Rules guiding employees and directors towards ethical decisions in situations of potential conflict of interest, political involvement, bribery and financial inducements;
  • Workplace relations principles regarded by the Company as fundamental, including mutual respect, anti-discrimination and freedom of association;
  • Commitment to adherence to health and safety standards, both of products, through compliance with manufacturing and other best practice standards, and
  • In the provision of safe employee work environments;
  • Practices for responsible environmental management; and
  • Guidance for beneficial interactive relationships with the communities in which CSL operates and collaboration throughout the organisation.

We have developed this code and supplementary policies and procedures to ensure that:

  • Our customers and the broader community can be confident that CSL is committed to operating with the highest integrity at all times;
  • Our contractors, suppliers and distributors know what to expect from a business relationship with CSL and the expectations we have of them; and
  • Our employees understand both their obligations to CSL and CSL's obligations to them.

View the CSL Limited Code of Responsible Business Practice in the language of your choice:

English: Our Code of Responsible Business Practice

Swedish: Vår kodex för ansvarsfull affärspraxis